Entry: the sequal. (or, the extended version) Monday, November 05, 2007

so, it's eight in the morning, I've got free time, and since I can't get back to sleep I figured I'd recap the weekend

Saturday: went to allbrights philosophy class. Currently held in the burton addition on saturdays because ,despite the fact that allbright has a degree in bio ethics from yale, the school has told him he's not qualified to teach this class that he's been teaching for two years and so allbright quit but is still fulfilling his duty to his students.
Discussed aquinus's 4 rules for an offensive just war, and his theories on just management, then we discussed several wars and then the validity of insurgency. realized that I would be an insurgent in many situations.
went back to my room for an afternoon of debauchery or homework, then got a call from jer's dad, looking for jer.
Jer's mom, upon waking and finding a bit of a mess in the kitchen, because joe had a friend over and they were cooking some lunch for themselves, proceeded to throw a temper tantrum. Literally. She threw everything that had been on the counter onto the floor of the other room, including the fax machine and the rice bucket. Coincidentally, the fax machine doesn't work anymore because there's rice in it.
Anyways. Jer and I went over to clean up, and got it accomplished about 20 mins before I had to get ready for work. We watched some lame tv show for twenty minutes, then I started getting ready for work. Went to work, got there at 5. Was doing my happy QSS job, talking to people, ect. Came back into the kitchen to grab some more food to go out and heard a massive sound of glass breaking in the salad bar prep area, followed by james the salad bar guy screaming "Just stay the fuck away from me. I'm not going to put up with your bullshit any more"
Then he realized that he'd half severed all of his fingers by punching through the front of the salad bar refridgerator. Blood and glass everywhere. All the food in there contaminated with one or the other. Granted that salad bar was instantly fired and that he needed to be hospitalized, I had to take salad bar. host was pulled down to QSS, server pulled down to host, everyone short handed, emotionally shell shocked, and freaking out because nothing was accomplishable in the short amount of time that was available. I had people ask for ranch dressing, and when I told them it would be a minute because I needed to get them sides of ranch since our pitchers were full of glass and blood, they actually yelled at me. They yelled at me because I didn't want them to eat glass. Coincidentally, I also found out that a bar around here has an HIV positive cook. scary.
Anyways, so once I salvaged what had been lidded from the fridge and moved it to the walk in, then organized the walk in so that it was possible to find things in it, I lied and said that since I'd gotten used to leaving around ten, I'd made plans for elleven and so couldn't close the salad bar. But suprizingly enough, not only were they not mad at me, they're offering to owe me dinner for helping out, and thanking me for what I did. Do they normally have employees who are uncooperative even when its clear that helping is the only right thing to do?
No idea.
So, emotionally drained, I came back to the school, and went and sat in lindsays room for a while cuz I thought I heard mallory get back. Lindsay and I had a good conversation, mallory got back, and so we went to the reef. When we were checking out , we remarked to oliver the waiter, jeez its slammed tonight. and he said "It's one in the morning. Don't you people sleep?"
So sleep we did. Then we set our clocks back, and mallory and I went shopping for more props for the terrible play (They still are taking double time to do a run through and they open on thursday) and then we dropped in to holly nails for pedicures and manicures.
Pretty sure that was heaven. A lot of the time, I feel like an intruder that the nail people have to get rid of, but at this place they just pampered the hell out of me. fanfreaking tastic.
Anyways, jer called and wanted to drop by before football practice, so I said heck yeah and he dropped by and knocked on my window. I opened the door, arms open for a hug or a kiss, and he walked right past me, hand pulling his hair, to lean against the back wall. Whereupon he said "She's leaving us. That goddamn bitch is leaving."
I thought he was going to cry.
I gave him a hug, and he told me more about how she's leaving because "obviously no one cares" about what she cares about (i.e., house cleaning) and so "No one loves her" and all the while jer's saying "It's hard to love someone that isn't ever there."
Anyways, he went to football practice cuz he needed to hit something and I got ready for work and went to work. I was by myself till probably 6, when I started training the new girl, whom I dont like. She's got a real air of "geez, I'm miring myself in muck and I'm so much better than this" which kinda makes me want to rub mashed potatoes in her hair.
anways, after the longest four hour shift I've ever had in my life, I went to jers and watched terrible tv with him and his dad until jer got tired, and then I slept over.Probably will for the next week. Someone needs to keep the laundry going and to cook and clean for a week or so, until they're allowed to settle back into bachelorism. I can't beleive the woman. After all the fuss she made about moving into the barracks, she came back last night and made calvin sleep on the couch (keep in mind that the man has two broken legs) and said something like gotta wash and pack all of my clothes waiting for my paycheck, something inane like that. I hope she knows that she's compleltely alienated both of her children, and that calvin is broken hearted. I'm not sure how they're going to live, since calvin currently can't work (hello, broken legs). Jer says that it says a lot about her character, that she's ready to leave when her family is the weakest.
Goddamn bitch.
So here I am at 8:30 in the morning, getting ready to go to class and trying to figure out how things are going to work.
Gee, isn't adulthood everything it's cracked up to be?
I'll probably end up taking a few extra shifts to help out and stuff...


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