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I'd like to remark upon a subject that seems to be around every corner these days:

Passive Aggressive Bullshit.

Wikipedia refers to Passive Aggresive behavior as "passive, sometimes obstructionist resistance to following authoritative instructions in interpersonal or occupational situations. It can manifest itself as resentment, stubbornness, procrastination, sullenness, or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is assumed, often explicitly, to be responsible .Alternatively, leaving notes to avoid face-to-face discussion/confrontation, is another form of passive-aggressive behavior."

If there is one thing I cannot Stand in this world, it is people who are incapable of informing me of a problem in any way but passive aggresively. If you think I am too loud, come out and tell me. I'll be happy to move elsewhere, quiet down, or otherwise accommodate you. If you wait till the next morning, get up before everyone else, and leave a note telling me that "guests are supposed to be out of the apartment at 9 pm" I'm more inclined to throw a kegger and light firecrackers.

Or how bout people who decide to say "I completely and totally disrespect you and anything you have to say" by repeatedly ignoring requests like "Hey, I need my computer, I'm getting ready to leave" or "It's your night to take out the garbage, please remember to put it by the curb"? Passive Aggressive Bullshit.

Some more Passive Aggressive Bullshit are the guilt trippers of this world. Guilt tripping is a method by which people who are incapable of letting other people be happy get people to do things. Guilt trippers are the people who tell you to have a Happy Halloween, and are sure that you're going to have more fun because you're going to go out and do something instead of spending the night like them, sitting sad and all alone. They're the kind of people that will tell you that you're a terrible person because something came up and had to be taken care of, even if they were told before the time of supposed meeting that something came up.  These people are selfish, and prefer to avoid outright confrontation by trying to make you feel as bad as they possibly can instead of just saying "hey, we should reschedule" or "I'm lonely, pass me some love"
Eugh. Instant loss of respect for the guilt trippers.

Why do we allow passive aggresive bullshit?
 Though we all know that aggressive behavior is occuring, there's no real agravant to react At. It's hard to tell a note off, or to have a conversation with someone who wont talk to you.

There are ways to deal with these sort of things in a non passive aggressive bullshit type of way! There is hope, folks! If someone is being too noisy, come out and say "Hey, I'm trying to sleep/study/ect, can you guys take the party elsewhere" Don't leave a freaking note. If you really dislike someone so much that you can't even handle the slightest bit of polite for them, even if they're related to you, guess what? Saying so or even punching someone is more acceptable than acting like a spoiled pretentious brat. If you're feeling lonely, say so. Don't try to make everyone else feel bad for having a good time. Especially when you had a choice- you could have gone out, you could have gone somewhere.

Don't damn the world for your own choices.

People will respond a hell of a lot better to you when you're not acting like a passive aggressive Ass. You will be suprised at how very accomodating people will be if you don't try to lay a guilt trip on them and instead just ask for help.  Likewise, dealing with a problem As its happening is much more effective than waiting until after the fact and writing bullshit "statements" that are just as confrontational as coming out and screaming at people, with none of the satisfaction.

You have a responsibility as a decent human being to stop being so goddamn Passive Aggressive- because the rest of the world has the right to function without that crap.


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