Am I in heaven, on earth, or in hell?
Sleeping or waking?
Mad or well advised?
Known to all these, and yet to myself disguised?
I'll say as they say, and persevere so, and in this mist at all adventures go.

Sunday, October 28, 2007
exoskeletons are cool.

exoskeletons are cool.

my lack of a numpad killed my thought process.

not that it was really "All-there" to begin with.
I've been awake since 9am. I didn't even get out of bed until 10:00.  I didn't leave my room till 2:30.
I had pork-n-beans for lunch, and found it vaguely disturbing that there were no pieces of pork in the mix.
There are way too many gansta rap songs on my iTunes.
My chem lab is done, but I haven't started my math homework yet.
I need to set up the couch and also I need to do laundry, hardcore. sad times, yo. I would be out of clothes right now if jer hadn't found a pair of my pants at his house, indubitably left during a free laundry session. I like free laundry, but it just takes sooo long to do laundry in only one machine.
The microwave is too slow sometimes, too.
Damn the capitalist american lodged inside of my hurry-up-and-serve-me-mind.

I'm going to the corn maze tonight with jerith. ^_^ it'll be fun. I like corn mazes.

It's so freaking cold outside. I had two heaters in my room for a while, and I'm still cold.
Socks and gloves pour moi, por favor.
After I get paid. on tuesday.
I need food too. We're running out.
Despite the fact that I eat nasty, calorie loaded foods and haven't been to the gym in two months, I've still lost weight. Yay college. If we weren't students, I'd think that we were all anorexic.  

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