Am I in heaven, on earth, or in hell?
Sleeping or waking?
Mad or well advised?
Known to all these, and yet to myself disguised?
I'll say as they say, and persevere so, and in this mist at all adventures go.

Monday, October 22, 2007
guh, stereotypes

I hate stereotypes, because they do not fit individuals. However, life is beginning to instill in me a stereotype for hawaiians.
They are
-self centered
-socially awkward
And quite frankly, I don't like it.
I just need to meet One freaking hawaiian who doesn't fit this stereotype. You'd think it would be easy, on a campus containing such a high percentage of hawaiians.
But so far, no luck.
Is it a true stereotype?
All I know is that if my hawaiian appartment mate tells me one more time that she doesn't care for my health or wellbeing at all, and then does passive aggressive bullshit about me not being considerate, I'd like to enact some physical harm on her.

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